Friday, February 22, 2013

Have Good News to Tell About Your Care Coordination Initiative? Share It At the Care Continuum Alliance Annual Meeting!

The Disease Management Care Blog feels your pain

You help lead a unique and innovative care coordination initiative.  Your program has some preliminary data that strongly suggests quality has increased while costs have remained neutral or gone down.  Patients are satisfied.  Docs are happy.  You even have a patient anecdote or two.

But something's missing.

While your institution's marketing department has been supportive, you believe that the customers you want to serve are tired of glossy brochures, breathless press releases and chatty sales reps.  Your customer meetings are fun, but you can't tell if the positive feedback is the result of real insight or that second glass of wine. 

On the other hand, the prospect of publishing your findings in some scientific journal is too dreary to contemplate. 

You know some more meaningful is at stake.  You want to share your good news and get some feedback.

Here's your solution: the Care Continuum Alliance Annual ConferenceHundreds of individuals just like you - individuals who give a damn about patients, are excited about making a difference and want to make a living doing it - will be available to give feedback.  Who knows, some of them may talk partnerships.  Others will resent your competition, confirming that you are on the right track.

The CCA Call for Proposals can be found here.  You have until March 6 to submit.

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