Tuesday, July 2, 2013

What Can World War Z Tell Us About Accountable Care Organizations?

Unable to resist the allure of another zombie movie, the Disease Management Care Blog saw World War Z.  While the gruesome scenes of chomping and stampeding hoards of infected undead were cinematic eye candy, the DMCB was undeterred.

It was naturally thinking about accountable care organizations and how they compare to zombies.

                                     Zombies                           ACOs

Premise:                      Undead                           Unproven

Spread via:                   Bites                                 Hype

The Hero:                 Brad Pitt                         Donald Berwick, MD

Why Worry:         The U.N is in charge             C.M.S. is in charge

Initial Response:      Offshore boats                  Offhand hope

Best managed
by..........                  Fleeing                            Fleeing

DMCB spouse
perspective........          Gore                             Bore

Confronted by
hoards of attacking                                   Refer to PCPs, wait
undead you.....        Toss grenades           years for shared savings

Diet:                         Bared brains                    Shared gains      

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GlassHospital said...

this could get published in the Nation,...errrr, the National Review.