Monday, November 4, 2013

The Magnificent Carnac Again Speaks to Health Care Reform!

Visitated once again by the astral, magnificent, all-knowing and soothsaying Carnac, the Disease Management Care Blog has divined his answers to the questions swirling around the roll-out debacle.

As Tonight Show Johnny Carson fans know, the prescient Carnac can foretell answers before the questions have even been asked by Congress and its allies in the punditosphere! By merely holding an hermetically sealed envelope containing the question, the mighty Carnac would provide astounded observers with the answer.

Behold the wisdom of Carnac's answers:


That is NOT the number of individuals securing insurance on the first day of the website! Rather, it is the answer to the question:

"How many million lines of computer code need to be changed to fix the web site?"

"Healthcare dot gov and the DMCB spouse"....

The question: "Name one thing that won't work and one person who won't twerk."

"Grits, Glitz and Glitch"....

The question: "Name an excuse for breakfast, zirconium and a government sponsored website."

"Burger King, Viagra dot com and the misstatements surrounding the Affordable Care Act"....

The question: "Name three homes for "The Whopper."

"Zero Dark Thirty"....

The question: "Name three descriptions of what happened to President Obama's approval ratings following the roll out of"

More information on the image can be found here.

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