Thursday, July 31, 2014

Yuppies vs. Millenials: Health Policy Implications

In this post, the Population Health Blog distinguished between yuppies' desires and the millennials' expectations.

To further help its savvy health policy savant-readers distinguish between the two, the PHB is happy to provide examples in the table below:

Health Care Topic               Yuppies                     Millennials

Preferred Encounter:         Appointment              Text message

Opener:               "Thank you for seeing me"  "Thank me for seeing me"

Encounter Outcome:    Specialist referral          Complimentary latte

Likes:                                   Pills                              Pixels

Long Term
Health Goal:                      Live forever               Live well forever

Plans to Live
Well Involve....                  Testosterone                  iPhone

Opinion on
MD vs. RN
vs. NP vs. PA                    Very important               "What?"

Remote Care
Management                      Know more                   No brainer

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