Friday, March 25, 2016

How the Candidates Can Weigh In on Population Health

Watching March Madness (Go Villanova!) ads and the accompanying Political Silly Season news have alerted the Population Health Blog to the very real possibility that its state's late primary may play a role in the presidential sweepstakes.

While the PHB ponders what to do with its vote, it naturally thought about the candidates' positions on "population health." 

In no particular order and as a public service to the campaigns' search for talking points (and "dog whistles"), the PHB offers the following statements for their consideration, just in case the topic comes up......

Mr. Trump: Believe me, I've studied this far greater than anyone else and population health would have terrible ratings if it weren't for me.

Bonus question on electronic health records (EHRs): We have to EHR how bad it was a disastrous deal amateur hour believe me.

Mr. Cruz: The words "population" and "health" do not appear in the U.S. Constitution and this will end on day 1 when I become president.

Bonus question on EHRs: I cannot find the letters "e," "h" or "r" in the U.S. Constitution either, and it's not just because of the handwriting.

Mr. KasichWe did population health in Ohio when I was governor and while I chaired the Ways and Means Committee in Congress

Bonus question on EHRs: We did EHRs in Ohio and while I chaired the Ways and Means Committee in Congress.

Ms. ClintonWe will build on the success of Obamacare by investing in population health through legislation that offers a tax credit to offset its cost that will be available through the exchange to assure that all families will not exceed a premium threshold under current law while incentivizing expansions of the program through all 50 states with a matching initiative over several years.

Bonus question on EHRs: I never knowingly sent confidential patient information or received anything marked HIPAA protected at any time. But under my plan, physicians will be able to use private email accounts to communicate with their patients.

Mr. Sanders: Population health, like a college education, solar power and frozen yogurt is a basic human right.

Bonus question on EHRs: That too.

Not to be undone, two other recent fixtures in the PHB television universe have weighed in on population health....

Charles Barkley (taking a break from his half-time college basketball commentary): It's turrible that people see that (unintelligible) Krispy Kreme that don't understand how if (unintelligible) people have eaten too much.

Joanna Gains of HGTV's Fixer Upper (a PHB spouse refuge from the TV craziness): Let's face it: Fixer-uppering chronic conditions with population health is possible with the affordable use of vintage twists that accent an existing space and give an illusion of depth with a favorite hue.  Try some mottos, mirrors and oversize remnants that group together and transform drabness to healthiness.

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