Thursday, January 31, 2008

More on Medicare Health Support

While we wait for a better explanation from CMS, the Disease Management Blog has turned to popular culture for solace over the stealthy and what Vince Kuraitis eruditely describes as the bizarre Medicare Health Support Phase I announcement.

Werewolves from London played a big role in my formative years and there is a familiar chord progression that speaks to the topic - with posthumous apologies to eternal Warren Zevon:

Well we went and asked the Congress
Like everyone must do

How were we to know

If that five percent was true?

We gambled in the Beltway
We thought the law was passed
Send lawyers guns and money

Our lobbyists must act!

We're the innocent fee holderrrrr

And somehow we will pay

If not in a claw-back,
Then it's in the market cap

It's in the market cap
And it's in the market cap

Now we're hiding from investors

Medical Home has advanced!

Send lawyers guns and money

The **** has hit the fan!

I'm also a big fan of Dennis Hopper who reminds us that he doesn't really care, he's got his own point of view punctuated by bolding and hand gestures made famous from his counterculture Easy Rider biker days:

Fade in, play Spencer Davis Group, Gimme Some Lovin'
Dunda dunda duh, UNH, Dunda dunda duh UNH

Your healthcare attitudes are crazy.... they're impossible! They're not in this textbook. You're not some monthly fee, some guideline! (Toss book onto sand). Your generation is definitely not going to be told by some health provider how to manage anything. You're going to write your own book that's going to turn healthcare upside down. When I'm 62, I decide what pills. I decide which tests. Time to redefine outcomes, man.

(Voiceover) The best healthcare you'll get is your own. Your adviser can help you get it started and get to a degree of health defined by your dreams. Work with you one-on-one to make sure your health helps your dreams become a reality.

I just don't see you not being in charge. (Grin... nod).

(Fade out
gimme gimme sum lovin... gimme gimme some lovin.....)

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