Sunday, February 3, 2008


The disease management blog been pondering the frontiers of the English language and humbly submits a new word for inclusion in the ever expanding U.S. healthcare lexicon. It may sound like a Bushism, but this has the additional advantage of using only five syllables to express a key concept in our corner of the policy landscape:

Populationate: (v): \ˌpä-pyə-ˈlā-shən-āt\ - to achieve a marketing, rhetorical, economic, policy or news cycle advantage in the competitive provision of healthcare services for any whole number of people having a chronic illness in common.

Latin populatusate, populus multiple persons + usate large pile of many denarii


"Questions about statistical significance during the question and answer session at healthcare industry conference is a time-honored way to populationate any irksome speaker and keep their media interview requests to a minimum.

"While the pilot studies had just begun, the incomplete but positive findings allowed the study sponsors to populationate some Congressional staffers about the merits of their not-for profit business model."

See populationisms, populationous

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