Wednesday, December 29, 2010

In Every Bowl of Outcomes, There Is a Full Serving of Disease Management!

The Disease Management Care Blog really likes this ravioli commercial. It's not only clever but speaks to the bad rap that "vegetables" don't deserve. Ditto the negative connotation that the term "disease management" likewise doesn't deserve.

In fact, with a very slight adjustment of the commercial's dialog.....

Red-Aproned Health Insurer: "Hello young government health policymaker who knows nothing about the principles of insurance, would you like to try some delicious big beef managed care outcomes?"

Young Policymaker: "Sure!"

Health Insurer: "And Academic Mom, did you know that in every bowl of outcomes, there is a full serving of ......" (points to banner proudly announcing Full Serving of Disease Management)

Academic Mom: (inhales loudly) "Hush!"

Health Insurer: "...but in every serving there is a full serving of..."

Academic Mom: (shakes head)

Health Insurer: "..but there is...."

Academic Mom: (mutters - shakes head) "Don't with the....stop... talking...." Touches nose.

Health Insurer: "..but....."

Academic Mom: "Nope!"

Academic Mom wrecks display.

The only real difference is that this has happened far more than just three times.

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