Friday, December 31, 2010

The Disease Management Care Blog Speaks!

The ever loquacious Disease Management Care Blog has been booked as a speaker at the January 18-19 Opal Events ACOs Summit: A Transitional Model to Full Risk Care Management 2011 Roadmap for Hospitals, Physicians, and Health Plans. As testimony to the conference's credibility, it will NOT be held in Washington DC, but in Austin Texas. The DMCB's sermonizing will focus on the "enterprise risk management" approach to management in ACOs, including the hazards of assuming that integration equals quality equals surviving risk transfer.

The DMCB is really looking forward to hearing what the other participants have to say. Instead of retreading the theoretical issues, the speakers have been asked to address various stages of ACO development and provide tangibles for the audience to take home. The DMCB is especially interested in learning from many case studies.

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