Sunday, August 5, 2012

What An Interesting Business (Model)

What happens when you mix health care entrepreneurship with the increasing role of remote connectivity? That's what the Disease Management Care Blog thought when it talked to former disease management maven Chris Selecky about a new business venture called "Health Tech Hatch" (HTH).

HTH hasn’t gotten off the ground yet.  When it does later this summer, it’ll offer aspiring health tech entrepreneurs the real-world discipline and business savvy of industry veterans. The good news is that start-up costs for promising apps, devices or other cool technology innovations are lower than ever before, component "platforms" are readily available and venture capital interest in eHealth is growing exponentially. HTH pairs those ingredients with networking, intellectual capital, crowdsourcing, business planning, pilot programs and strategic advice that can make the difference between a shot at funding versus withering on the vine.

How can HTH make money?  Chris imagines via her company participating in any outside funding, sharing in the revenue from any future premium services, sponsorships, future consulting engagements and getting an equity stake. Yes, HTH has competition, but its niche is focused in health care, technology and the business of patient-consumer engagement.

This is further evidence, says the DMCB, of the rapid evolution of health care.  Just when we think we have population health management, the medical home, telehealth, the electronic health record, accountable care and health system "alignment" figured out, companies like HTH keep threatening to blow holes in our best laid plans using stuff like handheld devices and even greater levels of self care.

Revolutionary or evolutionary, the concept is intriguing.  Stay tuned!

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