Monday, May 13, 2013

Suggested Session Topics for the Next TEDMED Conference

Smarter than the best EHR
The stunning multimedia. The earnest and expert speaker. Telling anecdotes, wry observations and exciting insights. Gasps of appreciation from a fawning audience. Standing ovations. 

No, the Disease Management Management Care Blog is not describing any of its past speaking gigs, but a typical TEDMED session. Videos from the April 16-19 2013 event have been posted and the luminaries run from medical university big wigs to interpretive dance choreographers. 

"Gimme a break," thinks the covetous DMCB. While TEDMED offers a lot of brain candy, content sampling shows too many empty calories and too much artifical coloring. Bleh.

Knowing that the attendees ("delegates") at the 2014 TEDMED will demand similar edutainment for the thousands of dollars they pay for each ticket, the DMCB still wants to help and is pleased to offer a listing of suggested 2014 session titles:

The Remarkable Absence of Prehistoric Obesity: Clues from Fossilized Dino Dung

Genomic Medicine and Dysmorphic Unsightliness: It Turns Out It Is Your Fault and There Is No Cure

Buzz Lightyear Takes on "Big Data": To "Infinite Data" and Beyond!

How Losing Half My Brain to Disease Qualifies Me As a TEDMED Speaker

Hacking a Fruit Fly's Brain with Teeny Wires to Build a State-of-the-Art Electronic Medical Record

What George Jetson's Factory Job Can Tell Us About the Future of Medical Practice

Relationship Relief Is On the Way: 3D Organ Printing Him A New Brain

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