Wednesday, May 8, 2013

What Makes the Disease Management Care Blog Happier Than?

To the continuing disappointment of the spouse, the Disease Management Care Blog cannot resist pausing its channel surfing to watch the humorous Geico "Happier Than" insurance commercials.  Figuring that the Affordable Care Act is on the verge of being embraced by a majority of Americans any day now, the inspired DMCB is pleased to cash in on that positive brand to pitch its own "Happier Than" themes for use by any company with a product to sell:

Happier than......

.... a statistician in a care management data center.

.... a diabetes care manager in a crowded pastry shop.

.... a specialist physician at a RUC meeting.

.... a bank robber at a RAC audit.

.... a potato chip vendor outside a medicinal marijuana store

.... a lap band manufacturer at a Governor Christie news conference.

.... a vampire at a glucose meter testing lab.

.... spandex at a wellness vendor trade association meeting.

.... a bankruptcy lawyer at an Accountable Care Organization convention.

.... a CMS official watching a National Geographic Channel special on sloths.

.... a health economist at a fog-machine quality assurance testing facility.

.... a personal injury attorney reading an electronic health record.

.... an ADHD patient with a Twitter account.

and last but not least.....

.... a skeptic discovering the Disease Management Care Blog.

The DMCB invites readers to submit their own.


mary said...

Happier than a stray at the city dump

Anonymous said...

Happier than an insurance company acquiring a large integrated health system.

Happier than an ACO acquiring a majority of healthcare resources in a region.

Happier than a death panel reading a meta analysis that suggests observation.