Tuesday, December 30, 2008

After One Year, 9944 Hours to Go!

In celebration of its one year birthday, the Disease Management Care Blog resolved to show its pride by DMCBly festooning itself. Devotees of body art will recognize the stenciling that precedes the final step. Readers with a medical background, on the other hand, will recall what health care providers have always known about tattoos: when the lights are bright and the clothes are gone, if you’re hirsute, have unsightly nevi or suffer from any other dysmorphism, tattoos don’t help. Maybe that’s what prompted the DMCB spouse to noisily intervene and put an end to what was otherwise a grand idea. Maybe next year. Maybe she’ll even get one that says ‘DMCB Spouse.’

And speaking of one year, the DMCB has determined that one year results in about 340 postings. Assuming a reader takes an average of 10 minutes to read a post, that 3400 minutes or 56 hours.

For your precious time, the DMCB thanks you. It also says keep it up. After 178 years, we’ll have the 10,000 hours we need to be world class genius disease management experts.

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