Friday, January 2, 2009

I Read It in the Disease Management Care Blog

One of the unique features of the Disease Management Care Blog is its liberal use of references with links to the peer review medical literature. Unfortunately, the DMCB has grown to well over 300 blog postings and some postings have multiple links to scientific journals. As a result, a posting months ago involving an important topic may have a link that you need today.... but cannot find. Was that article quoted so sagely by the DMCB in the New England Journal of Medicine? In Health Affairs? In the Archives of Irreproducible Silly Results?

Should you search by DMCB by topic in the search box upper left of the page and scan the links one by one? You could, but the DMCB has once again exceeded its readers expectations and created a whole new blog page that has many of the scientific references used in past posts!

They are arranged by topic, are typed up in the AMA Style (for your copying convenience), have a short DMCB description and a link to either the abstract or (if available) the full article.

Many references used in the past are still missing because the DMCB hasn't gotten around to them yet. This system is still imperfect because readers can't search within the page.

On the other hand, this is a start. A work in progress. Suggestions from readers on format or increasing usability will be MORE than welcome. In addition, if you find an article that should be included, don't hesitate to ask the DMCB about it.

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